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Birthdays & Anniversaries from WLDX!

August 1

Dana Beavers

Harrison Busby

Steve Dean

Brenna Feltman

Charlotte Flynn

Megan Godfrey

Mark Hubbert

Ronnie Hubbert

Charles Wade Jackson

Sarah Faye Mims

Matthew Morrison

Lois Rainey

Sandra Stephenson

John Cooper Stevens

Savannah Watts

Tori Whitehead

Hailee Williams

John & Tami Howard

Wesley & Cheli Jacobs

August 2

Aaron Burrage

Ashley Byars

Randall Dozier

Kelley DuBose

Yvonne Espey

Cole Harrison

Doug Humphres

Kaitlyn Little

Adam Merchant

Trudie Nichols

Kason Brooks Rushing

Gary Wilcutt

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Fisher

Willard Nichols

August 3

Fay Byars

Darren Bynum

M.C. Farrington

Joe Gibson

Tiffany Higgins

Landon Kimbrell

Justin Lahay

Evelynn Luther

Joe Maddox Sr.

Earnest McDougle

LeiAlyn Meeks

C.D. Moore

Benny Mordecai

Martha Porter

Karon Renfroe

Chanler Beth Sanford

Callie Simmons

Jordyn Simmons

Jay West

Leonard Williams

Judy Woods

Mr. & Mrs. Josh Carroll

Donald & Marcie Jacobs

Matt & Amanda Powell

Nancy Price

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