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Birthdays & Anniversaries from WLDX!

March 28

Jeff Campbell

Georgia Cannon

Donna Cargile

Mistie Elmgren

Polly Fowler

Laura Fulmer

Ben Jeffries

Karen Little

Trent Mobley

Kayla Raley

Leah Taylor

Zac Tidwell

Mr. & Mrs. David Baker

Chris & Tori Scott

Jim Amerson

March 29

Hunter Berryhill


Zach Hardy

Robbie Harton - LTCC

Becky Kilgore

Harvey Landry

Brandi Lowery

Gina Price

Ben Stevens

Velma Traweek - LTCC

Daylon Watkins

Tyler Wells

Virgil & Charlotte Kilgore

March 30

Nicholas Galiano

Hillary Gant

Betty Griffin

Hillary Hanson

Tami Howard

Lonnie Hudson

Joshua Lawley

Beverly Mansfield

Maggie Mauldin

Caylin Larissa Moore

Kerry Richardson

April Sanford

Tommy Sanford

Cayla Sasser

David Wages

John Wakefield

Sarah Jane Yerger

Charles Youngblood LTCC

Randy Zapata

Lunie & Linda Dunn

Chris Clark

Lendon Duckworth

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