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Ne Prepared

Birthdays & Anniversaries from WLDX!

June 30

Don Bobo

Kelli Crowley

Christy Kizzire Darty

Matthew Keith Garrett Jr.

Clint Horton

Brook Howard

Camryn Jenkins

Andrew Lowery

Tabatha Lowery

Brook Moore

Newbern Prewitt

Phillip Taylor

Sam Taylor

Larry Whitley

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Fowler

Mr. & Mrs. Donny Hollingsworth

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rushing

Larry & Robbie Sides

Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Strickland

Wilbur Cain

Clifford Guthrie

July 1

Chris Cannon

Cindy Hollingsworth

Robert Hollingsworth

Donna McCollum

Lisa McCollum

Christina Morrison

Pat Perry

Carma Rayburn

Jim Sims

Emily Taylor

Isaiah Williams

Cornelius Wilson

Larry & Debbie Couch

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Dodson

Kevin & Tiffany Morrison

Dwight & Gail Smith

Terry & Sheila Stripling

Sam & Donna Sullivan

Hester & Ida Whittaker

Faye Cooley

July 2

Mandy Akins

Jennifer Baker

Heather Cotton

Clade Davidson

Christina Howton

Drake Johnson

Gaynell Johnston

Scott Mayo

Chasidy Stanford

Emily Tittle

Becky Wade

Aaron & Peggy Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. Max Belski

Mr. & Mrs. Randall Carroll

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dunavant

Judd & Kim L. Gray

Tyler & Brittney Upton

Sherman Box

Sherry Kay Jones

Jessie Ann Smith

Ruby Smith

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Navy probe finds weak leadership, lack of 'warfighting toughness' led to capture of 10 US sailors by Iranians | CHECHEN CONNECTION Istanbul attack planner was ISIS's Russian trainer | BEAR KILLS BIKER Grizzly mauls mountain biker in Glacier Park | ATTEMPT TO 'CENSOR'? FEC Dems voted to punish Fox News over debate | 'SHOCKING' RESPONSE Miss. rep blasts mom after request to help diabetic kid | US, Iraqi strikes kill at least 250 ISIS fighters in Iraq convoys - Americans not told when named on ISIS 'kill lists' | Lynch takes bipartisan heat for private meeting with Bill Clinton | Fourth of July gas prices dip to 11-year low -- but watch for tax hikes |

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