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Birthdays & Anniversaries from WLDX!

September 22

Debbie Abernathy

Alli Burgess

Kenneth Fields

Shirley Gregory

Will Grimsley

Janie Hillis

Emily Katherine Hunter

Joyce A. Moore

Barbara Naramore

Ralph Ray

David Stough

Guy Stough

Ronald E. Williams

Darrell & Cassie Taylor

Geneva Shackleford

September 23

Caleb Aldridge

Heather Aldridge

Stephen A. Fowler

Kim Logan Gray

Sara Hudson

Joey Kizzire

Cameron Lagle

Wade Lawley

Alysheia Lozano

Gloria McDaniel

Buddy McKinney

Thomas M. Meeks

LeeAnna Mills

Matthew Mobley

Katie Porter

Heather Shackleford

Megan Marie Stough

Steven Strickland

Frances Wallace

Justin Watkins

George & Mochelle Fields

Larry & Cindy Hubbert

Bobby Gene Kimbrell

Brandon Thornberry

September 24

Emma Grace Ary

James (Jimmy) Bobo

Heather Davis

Ashlyn Earnest

Michael Foster

Emory Johnson

Lisa Lowery

John Caleb Patton

Kendall Phillips

Greta Raines

Will Rushing

Coger Shepherd

Zion Stowe

Morgan Taylor

Angel Traweek

Wanda Traweek

Anita Webb

Mandy P. White

Chris & Cathy Henderson

Mr. & Mrs. Scotty Price

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Stowe

Charles Harton Jr.

John Weeks

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