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Birthdays & Anniversaries from WLDX!

February 9

Karon Collins

Ethan Early

Erin Gilreath

Rayburn Kennedy

Amarea Zyan Nabors

Lee Parson

Cana Anthony Taylor

Nell Bryant

Sam Flynn

Buster Hallman

Johnny Humber

February 10

Joshua Cannon

Morgan Knight

Riley Lassetter

DeShun McGee

Jacey McGuire

Kelly Strickland Ray

Shannon Rhodes

Josie Smith

Jessie Twetty, Jr.

Bruce & Pam Ballenger

February 11

Sheldon Archie

Minnie Carthage

Trina Daniel

Hunter Ham

Caitlen Naramore

Catherine Pendley

Hughston Shepherd

Anna Sims

Mattie Smith

Angie Stough

Carolyn F. Stough

Willette Wallace

Chris & Jessica Linley

Delma Williamson

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