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Ne Prepared

Birthdays & Anniversaries from WLDX!

September 27

Ryan Aldridge

Diane Alexander

Kathy Beasley

Coby Dozier

Jackie Estavan

Justin Fields

Joyce Files

Kenneth Lister

Amanda Pennington

Mikaela Ruth Perry

Molly Robertson

Caleb Rogers

Joyce Sanford

Mr. & Mrs Glen Deal

Mr. & Mrs. David Johnson

Sara H. Dodson

September 28

Alana Ballard

Bryan Breckenridge

Eddy Campbell

Larry Clements

Landon Ellis

Spencer Johnson

Tony McGough

Randall Nichols

Tiffany Potter

Nell Sands

Bertha Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Dale Jones

Kenneth & Mary Lewis

Reta Lee Aldridge

C.C. Shorty Brasher

Eloise Johnson

Ira Kilgore

Scott Kilgore

D. D. Nelson

September 29

Monica Berry

Azya S. Billups

Jessica Kaye Bowles

Rachel Chaney

Jessica Davis

Kellie Guyton

Alisha Haggard

Heather Hall

Buck Jones

Sabriyya Lacey

Jennifer Madison

Blake Moore

Sue Swindle

Joe L. Thacker

Troyce Townsel

Wayne Waid

Amanda Wright

Clara Madison

Rachel Wallace

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