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Birthdays & Anniversaries from WLDX!

April 18

Gay Beasley

Lara Beth Brasher

Cherry Butler

Sarah Kizzire

Lauren Osborn

Alexis Roberts

Matt Rutledge

Barbara Sanderson

Jeremy Simmons

John R. Smith

Tyler Stovall

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Ary

Phillip & Mary Cunningham

Arthur Watkins

April 19

Ella Kate Baker

Eli Canterbury

Cynthia Cork Pizzillo

Cynthia-Nalls Day

Ron Goodwin

Brad Johnson

Richard Naramore

Glenda Newton

Joyce Pinegar

Randy Reeves

Linda Rushing

Jill Spann

Kaleb Westbrook

Dwight & Judy Trimm

Annie Dumpson

Ruth Nelson

April 20

Cole Daniel

Ann Ellis

Hagen Kelley

Jason Selman

Lindsey H. Yerby

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Gilmer

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Reeves

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Stevens

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