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BALTIMORE BURNS: MARYLAND GOV CALLS OUT NATIONAL GUARD AS GANGS ATTACK COPS, SET FIRES AFTER FREDDIE GRAY FUNERAL | NOT ON TIME Only 22 percent of Apple watches received: report | NONE SHALL PASS Texas prof flunks whole class, quits mid-semester | NEW WORLD RECORD Teen solves Rubik's cube in less than six seconds | FOUR US DEAD IN NEPAL US 'artists tour' believed stranded along roadway | BREAKING NEWS: Five shot in Brooklyn in two possibly related incidents | Kazakhstan ruler lauded by Bill Clinton for democratic and human rights gains, wins re-election -- with 98 percent of vote | Police probe link between murdered IU student and unsolved disappearance of Lauren Spierer - FLASHBACK: Mystery surrounds disappearance of Lauren Spierer - VIDEO: Lauren Spierer's disappearance baffles investigators |

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